Free education with the brainstr Social Program

The brainstr Social Program

The brainstr Social Program provides lessons to students who can't afford it themselves. If you can't afford the lessons, don't worry, we will take care of it. Your lessons will be held by volunteering teachers or we pay using the brainstr Social Program Fund.

How it works

Students that can't afford lessons sign up and simply enroll with one click in the program. We provide those students with volunteering teachers or, if no suitable is available, we pay for the lesson using the brainstr Social Fund.

Teachers on brainstr can opt-in to give volunteering lessons to students next to giving regular payed lessons. It's their choice and they can change this setting anytime.

The Fund

Contributions from our partners, people, students and teachers are all going into the fund.%sThe fund is being used to pay for the operational costs of the project - the infrastructure, employees making this project possible and teachers.

For Students

We provide students with no financial possibilities with free education - online lessons with our teachers on brainstr. Simply sign up and book your first lesson - either with a volunteering teacher, or we pay for the lesson using the brainstr Social Fund.

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For Teachers

Help raising education levels across the globe with teaching as a volunteer for Social Students on brainstr. You deliver lessons for free to children who couldn't otherwise afford to be taught.

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For Partners / Contributors

The brainstr Social Program cannot live without the amazing help of our partners and contributors. In order to provide our free education for children in need, we rely on donations from companies, organisations, people, our students and teachers. Only together we can keep this important project alive.

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Building the future of education

We at brainstr are empowered by the vision to eduacte children around the globe, no matter how there financial possibilities might be. Education is a human right we are fighting for.