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We love providing education opportunity to you. That's why we won't charge you fees for lessons.

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You want to learn a complete new subject? Or just want to improve your general skills in a known one?

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Help from parents is nice, but with brainstr you can get real help for your homework.

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No other way is more effective to learn a foreign language. Let's start speaking to native speakers.

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Don't worry about exams anymore! Brainstr tutors will prepare you perfectly for those.

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Virtual Classroom for engaging lessons

All lessons on brainstr are done in the integrated virtual classroom, which provides you with everything you need for an awesome tutoring lesson. Works in every browser, no download needed.

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Finding a tutor is now as simple as signing up for brainstr. You can define with our filters your requirements and you get immediately shown suited tutors who will be happy to have a first lesson with you.

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Register as tutor, start teaching students and earn money for every lesson you hold. We have all the tools and education on brainstr for you ready to get started.

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Dispute & Resolution Centre

In case at anytime something went not as planned - we're here for you! All lessons on brainstr are part of our Dispute & Resolution Policy. We will handle your case and clarify the situation.

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