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The brainstr Social Program

The brainstr Social Program provides lessons to students who can't afford it themselves. You can either teach on a voluntary basis or we pay you from the brainstr Social Funds. This fund is filled by donations.

Teaching with brainstr

We provide you all the tools you need to start. Sign up, fill out your profile and wait for the first student booking a lesson. You get paid right after each regular lesson that is not done for the brainstr Social Program.

brainstr interactive classroom

Have awesome lessons with brainstr

Our interactive virtual classroom on brainstr helps you in every way creating interesting and interactive lessons to keep your students engaged and happy. The platform is super simple to use and works on every device.

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Register for free, fill out your tutor profile and you are ready to have your first online lesson.

Work from Home

All you need for brainstr is a device connected to the internet with a webcam and microphone.

Your timetable

Be your own boss and decide when you want to teach on brainstr. Take breaks when you need them.

Worldwide Students

Our students come from every nation on the world. Be ready for interesting students and new experiences.

Interactive Tools

brainstr provides you with the tools for awesome lessons - interactive, fun and engaging.

Inspired Team

Our team is working super hard to make brainstr better every single day. Tell us what you like or dislike!

Customize your profile

With our customizable profiles you have the advantage to stand out of the crowd and attract more students to your profile. Our Interface is designed for high conversion rates so you can be sure that you won't wait long for your first lessons and students.

brainstr teacher profiles
brainstr teacher timetable

Adjustable timetable

Enter your weekly timetable to plan ahead. Your students will only be able to book lessons within your specified times. You can change your timetable at any time.

Help educate our future

Be part of our vision providing access to free education to all children around the world.
We are excited about the future we are building, are you ready to join?

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